Framingham is Home. Here is My Plan.

Walking around District 3 and listening to you on your doorsteps, it is clear people are ready for change. You want new ideas, not the status quo. I hear your ideas and concerns about supporting our small businesses, tackling traffic issues, ensuring our kids and schools have the resources they need to thrive, building a community that reflects all of Framingham and working towards a stronger, progressive future.

As District 3 Councilor, I will be your strongest advocate. You will have my energy, my passion, my skills. Together, we are going to get good things done. 

Below are my thoughts and plans for how we can collectively make Framingham a better place. Every idea is influenced by what you have told me.  

We are in this together – and together we’re going to build a Framingham we are proud of for everyone.  


Framingham has always supported our kids and our schools. Public education is one of our core values. I support the building of a new southside school so that no 6 year old is stuck on a bus for an hour going to and from school every day. 

As Councilor, I will focus on policies and budgets that provide our kids with more opportunities to thrive, push for more funding to repair school roofs and buildings, and promote an environment where businesses grow, which in turn provides us with more financial resources for our schools. 

Lastly, I will be a partner for our District 3 School Committee member. 


For too long Framingham has been viewed as unfriendly for business. I am a small business owner and member of the Framingham Business Association (FBA) and know well about the struggles of our small businesses owners. The pandemic affects everyone, especially our local small businesses. Our economic development efforts are a mess – and now is the time to review our efforts, seek new ideas on attracting new businesses, and finally become a serious contender in MetroWest. 

The success of Downtown Framingham is a success for all of us. It is our most vibrant center of commerce with huge potential. I’ll work to bring Downtown Framingham, Inc., the FBA and our Economic Development team together to collaboratively work on ways that’ll bring more people Downtown and support businesses by setting up pop up shops on the Downtown Common, and public music and art programs. 

The pandemic has changed everything. Framingham cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as other communities adapt to help their local businesses with updated permitting, support and resources. 


The effects of the pandemic will be with us for decades to come. Now is the time to invest in our public health. I support expanding our Department of Public Health by adding nurses to help with community health needs, like vaccines, and to ensure our DPH store front keeps more regular hours. Additionally, I will support new mental health programs and assistance in our schools and community, and age-friendly community initiatives for seniors, including supporting additional resources for the Council on Aging. 


From Millwood Street to Belknap Road to Pleasant Street to Waveney Road, speeding is an issue. Traffic has returned. These are problems that affect every neighborhood.

I will work with you and the Traffic Commission to find solutions that will make our streets safer. That means I will stay on an issue until there is a resolution, speak up at meetings and be in constant communication with you as we work on the neighborhood’s issue. I will be a champion for fully funding the Traffic Commission and ensuring that Commission is citizen driven, instead of driving citizens away. I will also advocate for the creation of a Traffic Department, which was a recommendation in the Charter. 

I will fight for repairing our sidewalks so that everyone can walk on them safely and that they comply with the American with Disabilities Act. I will also advocate our city planners to think about designing our streets to move people, not just cars. Not making this a priority is a reason why we did not get a right hand turn in Nobscot. 


Framingham is behind other communities in our efforts to tackle climate change and become a more sustainable city. With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint by 2035, the city needs to develop a clear plan for installing of solar panels, introducing electric vehicles to the city fleet and installing charging stations around the city. Additionally, I support the establishment of a swap shop at the Recycling Center and a community-wide composting program. 

The cleaning of environmental justice sites must be a top priority for the city moving forward. The Department of Environmental Protection says the clean up of General Chemical will cost $9 million, yet only $2 million has been allotted. We cannot settle. I am committed to advocating our state and federal partners to fund the entire clean up - not just $2 million worth. 

Framingham has the potential of becoming the Hub of Trails in MetroWest. Working with our active bike and outdoor enthusiasts, let’s connects all of the trails that weave through the city together with signage and maintenance. I will never give up on bringing government partners together to develop a plan for acquiring, designing and opening rail trails, such as the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and the Upper Charles Rail Trail.