A Greener Framingham for Future Generations

Growing up in Framingham, there was always an adventure awaiting us outside. Summer days were spent running track at Bowditch Field or hiking in Callahan State Park, while spring evenings allowed for innings of baseball at our fields. Our bikes were the transportation we needed to get around the neighborhood.

It was through all of these activities I gained a love for the outdoors and a deep motivation to preserve our environment for future generations.

With the anti-environmental policies and attitude coming out of Washington, D.C., it is up to us in Framingham and Massachusetts to continue making our communities more green.

As our full time state representative, these issues will be a top priority:

  • Expand rail trails, walking and bike trails, such as continuing the work on connecting the Bruce Freeman Trail to Framingham, to provide more transportation options;

  • Preserve our open space and recreational areas, including our working farms, farmers’ markets and community gardens;

  • Enhance Farm Pond by connecting it to Downtown Framingham and expanding recreational opportunities for all ages;

  • Sponsor statewide measures focused on consumers to increase of use of renewable energy and creation of green jobs;

  • Work with city and state officials in the cleanup of environmentally contaminated sites throughout our community and hold those polluters responsible.

Greener communities mean a better quality of life for all of our residents. Representative Chris Walsh understood this fully and was a leading voice on these issues. As our full time state representative, I am committed to continuing his work and making these plans into reality.

What we enjoy today should not be in jeopardy tomorrow. Together we can work for a greener future.

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